NT-100 Ninja Tuner manual

Tuning In Meter Mode

1. Attach the NT-100 Ninja tuner to your instrument with the accompanying versa-mount or clip on base.
2. When you flip the NT-100 Ninja tuner into use position, it will automatically turn on. If the tuner has been in use position for 5 minutes, it will turn off; you can press the power button to re-engage the power.
3. The display will show the current calibration (default is A=440Hz). Use the calibration up/down buttons to adjust the reference pitch in 1Hz increments between 430-450Hz.
4. Play a single string on your instrument: the display will read the closest pitch, along with indicating whether sharp or flat on the tuning guide meter.
5. Adjust the tuning of your instrument so the meter moves toward the center position: The tuning meter center LED will light YELLOW, and the display will change to GREEN when the pitch is in tune.

Ninja Tuner on Guitar Headstock

Visual Metronome Mode

1. With the NT-100 Ninja tuner attached to your instrument and the tuner powered on, press the Metronome Mode button (bottom left). The display will show the default tempo of 100 bpm (beats per minute).
2. Use the Calibration/Tempo buttons to adjust the tempo up or down as desired.
3. Press the Metronome Start button (top left) to engage the visual metronome. The center Tuning Guide Meter will flash at the desired tempo.
4. Simply press the Metronome Tempo Button again to return to tuning mode.