The NT-100 Ninja Tuner from DeltaLab allows quick, accurate tuning while remaining invisible to your audience. The versa-mount base attaches to the back of your headstock with an exclusive silicone backing*, rendering it invisible to your audience, so Ninja can fold flat when not in use. Simply flip it open and the auto-on/auto-off feature engages, illuminating a super-bright fisheye LED readout. With the included 360° swivel cup and clip-on base, you can use Ninja on other instruments as well — simply pop Ninja out from its versa-mount base and onto the clip-on base. A convenient, built-in visual metronome helps keep you in perfect time, while the low-battery indicator tells you when it’s time for battery replacement. And Ninja is safe for most poly and nitro finishes.



• Instant accurate tuning — stealthy, invisible design when folded down behind headstock
• Versa-mount & clip-on bases included for use on a variety of instruments
• Hi-stick silicone backing is safe for most instruments*
• Auto-on / Auto-off feature for easy and instant tuning
• 360° swivel clip ensures viewing from any angle
• Visual metronome provides solid time-keeping
• Calibration range from 430-450Hz
• Battery strength indicator, so you know when it’s time to replace batteries

*Not recommended for vintage or “checked” instrument finishes

Ninja Tuner on Guitar Headstock